Obra Gris

At OBRA GRIS we believe in creating high-quality fashion while keeping a close eye on the impact we make on our society and environment.

We strive to make our clothes:

    • Seasonless - most of our versatile line-up adapts for the different seasons.  Mix and match with your current wardrobe to adjust to the environment we live in. 
    • Zero-Waste - many of our garments create NO WASTE.  Waste created by the mass market fashion industry is a huge problem in the developing world.  Not only do we not want to contribute to the problem, but also show the way to a lower impact garment industry.
    • Multi - our "Multi" clothes can be worn many different ways, adjusting to our customer's personal style at any given moment.  Being able to use our garments in many different ways helps lower our impact on the world by reducing the number of garments our fashion conscious customer's need.
    • Unisex – many of our garments can be used by our fashion conscious customers from all genders.

Made to Order – we produce your order as soon as we receive it. This allows to address each customer’s unique needs and at the same time helps us guarantee that the clothes we produce satisfy our customer´s expectations and reduce our impact on the world