Zero Waste design

There are 400 billion square meters of fabric that are cut each year to produce clothing. 15% of that amount becomes waste at the cutting table, which translates into 60 billion square meters going into landfill. In our business practice, we use the full width and length of each fabric to avoid waste. Zero Waste as an approach allows for creative play. Pattern pieces can be created in one block that is sliced as a puzzle.  


At Obra Gris, our vision is built upon the evolving and unending relationship between body, garment and place. A sustainable future of conscious consumption is our ethos. We strive to create smart garments that help our customers explore their individuality while reducing their footprint.

For Obra Gris, luxury comes in knowing that someone passionately crafted a special product for you only. We activate our community by providing opportunities for local talents. We reduce the impact of our practice through low/zero waste design and produce our pieces in natural fabrics such as linen, cotton, and tencel, stepping away from any plastic derivatives. 

Our collections are built around a limited number of items that can transition from day to night, can be adapted to different climates and scenarios and can be mixed with previous and further capsules, allowing our collectors to develop their own intermix of smart clothing.