Oscar Ruiz

Oscar Ruiz-Schmidt / 

Creative Director



Oscar grew up in the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, surrounded by nature, the beach and the ocean. He first started creating clothes by ripping seams apart, cutting up thrift store finds and fixing the fit and silhouette of pre-existing garments. “Fashion school in Berlin really challenged my thinking process. Not only about how to technically solve garment making but, thinking about why these items should exist and their functionality. I developed a style in which my own upbringing and ideals were intertwined”.

Irene Mena

Irene Mena / 

Brand Manager


Born and raised in Costa Rica, Irene went to Business School and completed her Masters degree while working for a multinational semiconductor company, where she worked for 12 years in Finance. Leaving behind the corporate days, she started doing Finance Consulting independently and for the past 3 years has been the Brand Manager and Business partner in Obra Gris. An avid reader and traveler, Irene intends to laugh often and much, and leave the world a bit better than before.

Delmi Henriques

Delmi Henriquez /  Production Specialist


Delmi started sewing at a young age in her native country El Salvador where she made a living as a seamstress, tailoring garments for government officials and lawyers. In 2016 her life changed dramatically when gang violence reached her family, and she had no choice but to pack her belongings and move to Costa Rica searching asylum as a refugee. When Obra Gris found her it was clear she was a keeper, not only for her technical skills but for her charisma, hard work and optimistic view of life.


Bárbara Cuevas / 

Textile Designer


Bárbara is a multifunctional textile designer, who specializes in the intervention of fabrics with an anything and everything method. Her endless investigation into correlations between ancestral felting techniques and laser cut, using indigo blue dye and foil, makes her work an amazing source of inspiration.  Her fearless and tireless journey makes everything she touches a golden gift to the eye.  She studied at the Universidad Nacional of Costa Rica and is currently the head textile designer at Obra Gris, with a junior line of her own called Friday Love.